Change of Shift

From Clinical Career to Nurse Entrepreneur

Do you want to be a Nurse Entrepreneur?

Maybe you’re wondering what else you can do with a nursing degree. If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many nurses are looking for innovative ways to express their nursing practice in non-traditional roles.

Are you:

  • Unfulfilled in your current nursing role?
  • Unable to continue in the practice of nursing?
  • Curious about what else you can do with your nursing degree?
  • Determined to start a venture of your very own?
  • Unsure about what product or service to offer?
  • Looking for a business model that will allow you to work from home?
  • Eager to join the ranks of nurses who support each other in their businesses?

Taught by a registered Nurse Entrepreneur, "CHANGE OF SHIFT: From Clinical Career to Nurse Entrepreneur" will move you from vague aspirations to the development of a product or service with an actionable launch plan.

You’ve been wondering how you can use your nursing degree in business… why not start today?

And I’m not talking about starting a business that requires wooden conference tables, huge sums of money, or complicated legal structures.

Rather, as a nurse entrepreneur, you can create a non-traditional practice that allows you to work from home in a venture of your own choosing, serving the needs of those you want to serve, with a product or service that is uniquely your own.

Who Should Take This Course?

Aspiring nurse entrepreneurs who:

  • Are unsure where to start
  • Have vague, or no product or service ideas
  • Need help developing a viable product or service
  • Struggle to find and effectively communicate with their ideal client
  • Aren’t sure how to accurately price their product or service for profit
  • Want a little extra guidance from concept to launch of their new venture

In This Course You Will:

  • Dig deep into your interests, skills, knowledge, and passions to uncover a business that is a reflection of you, while meeting the needs of your clients or customers.

  • Validate your product or service idea to ensure an existing demand from clients eager to pay you.

  • Clearly define your offering’s features and benefits so that your audience will immediately recognize it as the solution they’re looking for.

  • Learn how to rise above the competition in a crowded market.

  • Identify your audience with precision, learning where they are and how to speak their language.

  • Learn how to price your product or service the right way.

  • Discover how to close the gaps between start-up and growing your business

  • Write your actionable launch plan

What's Included in This Course:

7 Learning Modules consisting of videos, narrated slide presentations, and handouts

A Workbook for Each Module to flesh out your ideas and bring them to life

My List of “20 of the Best Online Businesses for Nurses”

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Your Instructor

Christy Hendricks
Christy Hendricks

Christy Hendricks completed her nursing studies in San Diego, CA. She is a veteran registered nurse, having practiced in neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, maternal-infant care, community education, and medical aesthetics.

While working nights, Christy homeschooled her two daughters from pre-K through 8th grade. It was during that experience, together with her enjoyment of patient education, that Christy found a passion for teaching.

While Christy loved working with her patients, after a while the stress of the profession took its toll. After 21 years of clinical practice, Christy struck out on her own as a nurse entrepreneur, creating digital products for the employee wellness industry, as well as direct-to-consumer wellness courses. She passes on her knowledge of digital product creation to other nurses, weary of the long shifts, administrative burden, under staffing, and lack of appreciation.

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