Developing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

A Guide for Aspiring Nurse Entrepreneurs

Most aspiring nurse entrepreneurs think their strategies and plans are holding them back from success. But that’s not it. In reality, it's their way of thinking.

In the background are subconscious, limiting mindsets that derail progress toward building a successful business. But there are specific tactics that can be used to reframe your thinking.

By consciously working to develop the traits and characteristics of an entrepreneur, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. And you'll see better results from your efforts when you approach your business endeavor with that growth mindset.

Learn how to make that critical shift from a limiting to an entrepreneurial mindset.


There are 4 modules in the course, and a concluding section where you’ll do your final action planning.

  • Mindset and Business Success: Understand the concept of ‘mindset' and how your inner thoughts may be sabotaging their success, whether or not they realize it now.
  • Reaching for Success: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: In Module 2, learn the differences between a fixed vs. growth mindset. Discover and practice the 3-step process for reframing your thoughts, so you can get started shifting your mindset in the areas that will have the biggest impact on your life.
  • Discover the Source of Your Limiting Mindsets: In Module 3, learn the differences between the mindset of an employee and an entrepreneur, as well as between a small business owner and an entrepreneur. Then you'll explore the many sources that contribute to a limiting mindset, so you can start to shed your old ways of thinking.
  • Adopting Your New Entrepreneur Mindset: In Module 4, you'll dive deeper into the specific characteristics of an entrepreneur's mindset and learn how to use the 3-step reframing process to transform your limiting thoughts to ones that will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Conclusion and Action Steps: In the final module, you'll review the 3 key steps needed to shift your thinking and complete some action planning to set you on the path to an entrepreneurial mindset.

Here's exactly what you'll get in the “Developing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur” Business Clinic:

  • Developing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur – Course Book Contains all the information you need for learning how to shift your mindset from limiting to growth-oriented.
  • Workbook – To use alongside the activities outlined in the Course Book
  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset Assessment Spreadsheet – An Excel spreadsheet for assessing your current mindsets, so you can see where you stand now and what you need to work on.
  • Summary Checklist – An outline of all the key points in the course. This acts as a great cheat sheet reference to remember what you’ve learned.
  • List of Tools and Resources – A list of tools that can help as you work on your mindset
  • Video Lessons – Guided lessons that teach and reinforce the concepts contained in the course book.

PLUS, you'll get these additional bonuses:

  • BONUS 1: Entrepreneurial Mindset Self-Assessment and Tips for Growth – Assess yourself on the characteristics of an entrepreneur and get tips for developing those traits
  • BONUS 2: Mindset Video – Inspiration for nurses embarking on their entrepreneurial adventure.

Your Instructor

Christy Hendricks
Christy Hendricks

Christy Hendricks completed her nursing studies in San Diego, CA. She is a veteran registered nurse, having practiced in neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, maternal-infant care, community education, and medical aesthetics.

While working nights, Christy homeschooled her two daughters from pre-K through 8th grade. It was during that experience, together with her enjoyment of patient education, that Christy found a passion for teaching.

While Christy loved working with her patients, after a while the stress of the profession took its toll. After 21 years of clinical practice, Christy struck out on her own as a nurse entrepreneur, creating digital products for the employee wellness industry, as well as direct-to-consumer wellness courses. She passes on her knowledge of digital product creation to other nurses, weary of the long shifts, administrative burden, under staffing, and lack of appreciation.

Course Curriculum

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