Graphics for Facebook Groups

Set #1

Get a set of 30 graphics to use on your Facebook group or page. That's a different graphic for each day of the month!

You're a busy nurse entrepreneur. Who's got time to curate the right text or quotes for your group posts and then design a whole month's worth of graphics?

That's time you could spend helping your clients, patients, and customers.

With this collection, all the work is done for you! Check out the beautiful graphics in this set:

Remember, these can be used again and again.

Got more than 1 group? Share them to all!

Save even more time when you plug these into your social media planner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what file format are these graphics delivered?
The graphics in this set come in .jpg file format.
What are the dimensions of each graphic?
Each graphic is 940 x 788. Perfect for Facebook posts!
Can I use the graphics anywhere else?
Heck yeah! While these are listed for use on your Facebook group or page, they can be used anywhere that you can place a .jpg image. So go ahead and use them on your website, sales pages, email, and lead magnets.
Do I have to give attribution for the images?
Let me make this easy for you: Nope.
What am I NOT permitted to do with these images?
You are not permitted to sell these images to others. But, you can join our affiliate program and make a commission when you refer someone who buys. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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