The Nurse Consultant's Handbook for Maximizing Productivity

In this course, you'll learn about the software and apps that help you work less and achieve more.

Discover ways to leverage these tools so you can optimize your business systems and lifestyle more efficiently. The beauty of it is: none of these tools are overly expensive, and some are even free!

This course is closed for enrollment.

You savvy nurse entrepreneur!

You’ve decided on the lifestyle you want and you’re working hard to make that happen. You’ve built up a client strategy. You’ve decided how many hours a week you want to do consulting and whether or not to have a physical location that clients can visit in person. Maybe you’re even starting to think about adding special programs, VIP events, and courses to your practice, so that you can shift to the majority of your income being passive. But inevitably, people often fall over setting up the right systems and choosing the right tools to facilitate this.

Using the right tools will not only speed up your business, it will also:

  • Cut down on costs
  • Increase consistency
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Give you a professional presence online
  • Help you keep your mind and goals clear
  • Move you steadily toward those goals
  • Make the dull parts of your business—the admin stuff—go away or be more fun

What you’re doing when you choose the right productivity tools, is letting technology do the ‘heavy lifting,’ while cutting down on confusion.

Automating repetitive tasks can simplify them, allowing you to concentrate on the most important parts of your business—your consulting and product/package creation.

And you don’t have to have separate systems for each specific task or function. For example, choose a scheduling and appointment system or software that includes and integrates other necessary tasks or functions: automated payment options, sending client reminders—and automatically notifying you if a client cancels or changes an appointment.

You can make sure your chosen scheduler integrates easily with your merchant account. Or, instead of a scheduling app or software, you can choose a dashboard-driven, all-in-one system that integrates even more tasks such as content delivery and management, membership portals, forums and more… as well as taking payments.

The trick is to build a system that suits your needs.

This NIEA course walks you through the must-have productivity tools to run a successful consulting business, and reviews a couple all-in-one options, as well.

Our focus will be on:

  • Calendars
  • Appointment booking
  • Forms and templates
  • Online meeting software
  • Client relationship management
  • Email inbox management
  • Project and file management
  • Note taking
  • Outsourcing
  • Consulting-in-a-Box solutions
  • All-in-One Office solutions

Learn how to save time with productivity tools and get back to enjoying what you do best: consulting with your clients!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your Instructor

Christy Hendricks
Christy Hendricks

Christy Hendricks completed her nursing studies in San Diego, CA. She is a veteran registered nurse, having practiced in neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, maternal-infant care, community education, and medical aesthetics.

While working nights, Christy homeschooled her two daughters from pre-K through 8th grade. It was during that experience, together with her enjoyment of patient education, that Christy found a passion for teaching.

While Christy loved working with her patients, after a while the stress of the profession took its toll. After 21 years of clinical practice, Christy struck out on her own as a nurse entrepreneur, creating digital products for the employee wellness industry, as well as direct-to-consumer wellness courses. She passes on her knowledge of digital product creation to other nurses, weary of the long shifts, administrative burden, under staffing, and lack of appreciation.

This course is closed for enrollment.