Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing. To many nurses in business, the term alone, is intimidating. What exactly does it mean? Do I need to engage in this seemingly specialized activity, or is it something I can do myself?

If you’re looking for simple ways to get your product or service found on social media and manage it all without pulling your hair out, you’ve come to the right place!

Social Media Marketing Simplified will teach you everything you need to effectively market you brand on social media, without being chained to your computer or having to spend a fortune on expensive tools.

Do you...

  • want to increase your reach on social media?

  • know how to choose the right platforms for the greatest return on investment?

  • struggle with time constraints that prevent you from posting what, and as often as you’d like?

  • worry that you’re missing some vital strategy that will bring in hordes of followers?

  • know how to look like you spend all day on your social media pages, sharing great content?

  • fear you lack the marketing expertise to compete effectively?

You CAN learn social media marketing!

Taught by a registered nurse entrepreneur, “Social Media Marketing Simplified” will show you how to strategically maximize your social media presence to better reach your target audience with your brand message.

Learn how to optimize your presence on social media so you can reach more people and turn them into raving fans!

This course is closed for enrollment.

This complete course will teach you:

The Benefits of Using Social Media for Your Business

The Right Way Complete and Customize Your Social Media Profiles

Different Ways to Share and Connect with Your Followers on Social Media

How to Build Your Social Media Networks

How to Develop Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Develop Campaign Goals and Objectives

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Marketing Strategies for all Major Platforms

What's Included in This Course:

  • Video Course Presentation

  • Course Book for Note-Taking

  • Action Guide to Take You Step-by-Step Through Optimizing Your Social Media Platforms

  • Marketing "How-to" Guides for the Major Platforms

  • Checklists for Marketing on the Major Social Media Platforms

  • Your Own Social Media Content Planner with Post Suggestions for Every Day of the Year

  • Free Ebook Offer on “Copywriting for Social Media”

  • Ebook Filled with 100 Social Media Marketing Tips

  • 149 Quotes Your Can Use for Your Own Marketing

  • Resource Directory of 11 of the Best Tools for Planning, Curating, Posting, Optimizing, and Analyzing on Social Media

Your Instructor

Christy Hendricks
Christy Hendricks

Christy Hendricks completed her nursing studies in San Diego, CA. She is a veteran registered nurse, having practiced in neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, maternal-infant care, community education, and medical aesthetics.

While working nights, Christy homeschooled her two daughters from pre-K through 8th grade. It was during that experience, together with her enjoyment of patient education, that Christy found a passion for teaching.

While Christy loved working with her patients, after a while the stress of the profession took its toll. After 21 years of clinical practice, Christy struck out on her own as a nurse entrepreneur, creating digital products for the employee wellness industry, as well as direct-to-consumer wellness courses. She passes on her knowledge of digital product creation to other nurses, weary of the long shifts, administrative burden, under staffing, and lack of appreciation.

Course Curriculum

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  Action Guide
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This course is closed for enrollment.